Unknown Planet

Unknown Planet was a game I solo developed using the Unity engine and assets pulled from the Unity 2D Game Kit featured on the Unity Asset Store. The link to this kit can be found at the bottom of the page.

I originally developed this game as a class project to further enrich my knowledge of the Unity engine and compelling level design. 


The first level featured here includes tutorial beacons that show a message to even the most inexperienced gamers. 

They can be found where ever the player needs to do something new.

The level is full of interesting puzzles. They gradually increase in complexity as the player begins to acclimate to the game, familiarize themselves with the mechanics and controls, and as they discover new weapons, skills or methods of approaching situations. 

The game includes fully functioning and animated enemies that chase, dash, shoot and attack the player.


The Player can pick up weapons as the game advances and perform attacks with them. For this level, the player accesses staff and laser gun attacks for getting through puzzle obstacles and defeating enemies along the way.

Each element to the game was placed and tweaked individually and carefully to achieve a unique aesthetic even from a templated asset package.

Click here to watch me play through this level with commentary


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