The Gristmill

The Gristmill is a tactical strategy card game with light roguelike and deckbuilding elements from the Several People development team. Venture outside your fort's walls and do battle with unknown monsters, learning about how they function and adapting strategies to defeat them. Players will need to protect their camp, as any monster that reaches it will hurt the player’s units, and if all the units die the player loses. As the party ventures deeper into the woods, they’ll face stronger challenges and eventually do combat against a massive creature.

The game consists of various level layouts with different types of enemies that have attack and health values as well as unique abilities. Your soldiers (Grists) learn the health values only after fighting the specific monster multiple times. There are a variety of different Grists also with different attack and health values, as well as event cards called tactics, that can severely impact the flow of battle. 

The game also contains an in-depth deck-building manager that is accessible in between battles. Players have a variety of options including: 

- Heal: Restores a Grist's health slightly

- Repair: Repairs a Grist's current armor

- Prepare: Moves a card to the top of its deck

- Rest: Removes selected units from the deck for the next battle and returns it afterwards

- Remove: Removes selected cards from the deck permanently

These options allow for different approaches and strategies tailored your play style.

The Gristmill team after receiving awards from both RPI's Game Festival and Boston Festival for Indie Games

RPI GamesFest (2019)

       - Award for Technical Excellence in the Student Competition

BostonFIG (2019)

         - Award for Best in Show

         - Award for Best Student Game

The Gristmill Game Poster

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