Roller Ball

Roller Ball is a prototype game I programmed in C# in the Unity engine. The goal is to collect the amount of coins listed at the top throughout the level before the enemy units bounce on you.

They are set to chase the player and are destroyed if they collide with other enemies. Collect all the coins to advance to the next level.


The tricky mechanic about this game is that the ball is purposefully difficult to control with the implemented friction systems and small pathways a player needs to navigate.

Short video of the first two levels of Roller Ball currently.

This game was originally developed as a class prototype game used to demonstrate enemy chase scripts, contrail effects, a coin collection score system and friction effects. It has become one of my favorite games to work on and add to. 

Roller Ball contains a level manager which can easily adjust attributes of current levels, as well as add additional levels with ease.

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