Other Models

These are models produced in Maya in my personal time that have aided in my learning of core mechanics and methods for modeling for games, have been implemented into my personal project games, or have just been done out of pure enjoyment.


This is a model of a Dilophosaurus mixed with a Velociraptor.

This is a model of a Coca-Cola can with a realistic rendering on a glossed wooden table.


This is a model of an acoustic guitar with a realistic rendering.

This is a model of a Protractor on top of a sheet of graph paper with a realistic rendering.


This is a model of an abandoned school office with a realistic rendering. Experimentation with lighting effects, material effects and texturing proved very informative and beneficial.

This is a model of an AK-47 against a concrete wall with a realistic rendering. It has bump texturing and the clip detaches 


This is a model of an industrial safe with a realistic rendering. 

This is a model of a space ship that I call the R.E.S (Resource Excavation Ship) with a realistic rendering. The gates housing resource grabbing claws as seen in this picture open and close to release and house the claw and claw arm.

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