Dead Last

Dead Last is a board game prototype I solely developed and used initially as a portfolio piece to demonstrate my ability to effectively balance combat values for a table top RPG type card game, and has evolved into a prototype that I am both proud and excited to continue. The prototype was made entirely with pieces from other games I had on hand.

Dead Last is an intense strategy/RPG/resource horde board game where you are a survivor of a deadly plague that swept the land. You begin alone and travel the desolate lands searching for other survivors, resources, weapons and base locations. At the end of 20 turns, apocalyptic hordes of the undead will begin to rise from the depths of hell seeking absolute ravenous carnage and will not stop until every player has met their end.

The object of the game is to hold up in a base location and use your resources and population accrued to survive throughout the game’s gathering phase (everything before the end of 20 turns), but still have enough to fight off the undead during the zombie phase at the end of 20 turns, long enough to be DEAD LAST.


This game is truly unique in the play styles it involves and emotions it evokes. Throughout the game players are challenged with strategic decisions concerning movement across the board and resource allocation. What to spend when and where, whether to help an ally in need, or if betraying might be the best option for survival. Each player knows that going into this, that whoever helps you is only really helping themselves.

The game allows players to take on the reality of a zombie apocalypse. It allows them to make difficult but necessary decisions parallel to ones that would need to be made in the event of an actual undead apocalypse. In this RPG no one is ever truly an “ally”. All that matters in the end…is whoever is DEAD LAST.

The above two pictures represent different milestones in my development process. The upper photo is when I decided to go with a board space interaction system, the lower photo shows the pieces from other games when I decided that other game objects could illustrate the prototype game components.

Current appearance of the board and game tiles. Players start in the center and venture outward from each other. Different directions consist of different experiences and they refresh every so often.

The very early stages of development begin with a rough draw up of basic game mechanics, objectives, obstacles and board layout. As I developed this, I stuck post-its to the sides and front, wherever a new idea struck me for a compelling element.

This picture contains a list of the included cards, a legend for the square pieces and what they represent. Stronghold cards (bases you can fortify and hold with the right amount of people staying there), event cards (good or bad occurrences throughout the game) Population (people you meet along the way) and rations (food or abstinence).

The above video is a 60 second elevator pitch of Dead Last the board game. Enjoy!

© 2019 by Jason Rose