Cast N' Catch

The below models were done during my time working for TTEK, Inc. on a mobile fishing game called Cast N' Catch. I created an assortment of fishing rods, boats, clothing and UI icons that are slowly being implemented into Cast N' Catch on a trickle down basis to keep the players coming back to see new content.

Cast N' Catch is available for both Android and iOS. During my time on this contract work, I served as the 3D Modeling Director.

These models are hybrids of other objects or themes not related to fishing, essentially, they are creative rods meant to be purely cosmetic in nature. Each rod was created entirely by my own vision and creativity. See below the specific image for a description.


The Pool Cue rod is a rod combined with a pool stick. It has blue fishing line to resemble pool cue chalk, the crank has an 8 ball on the end, and the guides are the copper part of helper pool cues.


The Boat Paddle rod is a more contemporary boat paddle combined with a fishing rod. It has a row boat for the crank handle and the guides are fishing hooks.

The Hockey Stick rod is a hockey stick combined with a fishing rod. The crank has a hockey puck on the end.


The Sword Rod is a fishing rod combined with a medieval sword. The crank consists of a shield on the end and the line runs through the guides placed on the side of the sword. The shield spins when the Player reels.


This is a shop UI icon that players can click to access a coin/gear shop.

This is the actual shop that players would see when they click the coin/gear shop UI icon.


This is a harpoon gun combined with a fishing rod. The crank consists of a ship wheel attached to the fishing reel and the front of the harpoon consists of a whale key chain dangling below it. Both are an homage to Moby Dick.


This fishing rod is called the Rich Rod and is a combination of wealth objects and a fishing rod. The rod body is a collection of rolled up stacks of hundred dollar bills with rubber bands around them and the front of the rod is a piggy bank with a Cast N' Catch coin sticking out of it. The crank is an industrial safe slightly ajar and with gold inside. The handle is a rich leather and the butt of the rod is a gemstone. 


This is called the Glow Rod. It was made to resemble a light saber type rod without specifically calling it that. The handle, reel and crank of the rod was produced in Maya, but the body of the rod by particle effects in Unity. 

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