Box Shooter

Box Shooter is a first-person shooter game I programmed in C# using the Unity engine. It was originally a school project used to demonstrate Unity's level manager and show the convenience of including one in similarly structured projects.

My vision for the aesthetic of the game you see here was inspired by the movie Tron.

I enjoy working on this game in my spare time, adding new levels with different elements and types of cubes.

The objective of the game is to accumulate enough points to complete the level and pass on to the next. A player accumulates points by shooting the blue squares. In later levels, players need to be cognizant of their remaining time to achieve the score needed to complete the level and advance to the next. White squares can be shot to add an extra 5 seconds to the clock. Players most importantly need to be wary of the red squares. If they are shot, players will lose both 5 points and 5 seconds on the clock. Later levels have a bigger number of and faster moving red squares for an added challenge. 

boxshooter (2).png

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