Apocalypse is a level design for an independent game of mine. The world has long since been ruined by a plague that ripped life from its very roots. All that exists now are a select few humans and the dead. 

The game functions as an exploratory based game where you travel the desolate wasteland searching for weapons, resources and clues to advance the story line.

The camera includes a first and third person view changeable by pressing the alt key for your desired experience.

The level includes animated zombie enemies that chase and attack you if you get too close.

It also contains different structures to enter and explore, a functioning time of day and wind system and particle effects. 

Level design is arguably one of the most important aspects to game creation that influence player recidivism, enjoyment and immersion. Through my level design experience and schooling, I was able to implement effective indicators and subtle directional hints. 

The next steps for development are to introduce an inventory system and implement my own gun models.


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