My name is Jason Rose, a game designer who graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) with a Masters Degree in Game Design and Development. I have a strong passion for creating unique and wonderful experiences through captivating level designs, game mechanics, 2D/3D assets and detailed story lines.

When I'm not working on digital games, I help coordinate and participate in DnD campaigns, create and balance tabletop games, live stream digital games and enjoy assembling and disassembling computers.

During my time at RIT, I was a volunteer game developer, specifically an art creator and UI/UX designer for a game called Lost and Found.  During this time, I also became certified by CITI Group to organize and officially conduct ethical and appropriate game tests. You can find Lost & Found here.

Lastly, I enjoy game conventions, skydiving, paint balling, dodgeball, tennis and as a unique hobby, I spin fire balls from chains, also known as Fire Poi. Video of same can be found on my Twitter.

You can also find me on LinkedIn, and YouTube!

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